Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Ghost Experience & Resolution

My Ghost Experience
& Resolution! 

  To start, this is my experience from when I was younger, that I had gone through with my mother. I am simply just telling my story since I've never really shared it with anyone, some people just don't believe and think I'm crazy for talking about spirits or ghosts. 
To state, I am not trying to convince any skeptics, just take my story with a grain of salt. I assure you this isn't very intense, however I promise you this has happened.
Hopefully the conclusion of how this was solved will help someone else out there that is having this problem.

It Begins...

   My mom and I have lived in an apartment my whole life and we are both religious and spiritual. At around 10 years of age, I had just lost both my father and my grandmother to different causes. Not too long after their passing, at around 10 pm through all hours of the early morning, any electrical object that was only located in my room would go crazy, CRAZY! I would be sitting there occupied with something, and all of a sudden the channels on my TV would change slowly going up or down and would eventually land on a certain station. Sometimes the same scenario would happen to the sound, it would go up as far as it could and then stop. Lights would go on and off, my radio would start blasting music. So many extremely odd things, and extremely terrifying things for a child to experience, the loud noises would wake my mom and she would run into my room thinking I was doing it on purpose, only to find me almost in tears I was so terrified. 
My mom and I had to do a bit of research, and found that it is needed to sit, and ask them nicely to leave. It's crucial to not be rude about it, but to acknowledge that they're here and ask them to leave. So my mother and I waited for another creepy incident to take place, then we sat and concentrated, and simply explained that they are scaring us and we would like them to move on. I assure you, after this, nothing out of the ordinary has happened again. 
People think I'm mental when I say I believe in spirits, but after you experience something like that, how can you not?

   I understand this can be a controversial subject with many different views. Again, this is my story and it is actually very common. I hope you enjoyed my journey back in time and found it interesting, I sure did!

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